Friday, December 19, 2014


While I was in Turkey this summer I noticed a weird soreness in the back of my mouth.  It was strange to me, mainly because it was hard to classify the feeling; it seemed somewhere between sore and pain; but definitely an annoyance.

The feeling would come and go, but the most certain thing I could understand is I felt a strange necessity to teeth. So when I was given a break during research, I had a call made to my dentist to assess what was happening. He scheduled an x-ray to look into what could be happening.

As it turns out, my wisdom teeth were coming in... and they were not coming in nicely.

Now fast-forward 5 months later, I am bound to the couch with an endless supply of ibuprofen thanks to having the little monsters removed yesterday.

So to answer some of the questions and advice that I never asked for, but should have:

Is there pain?
This is different for everyone. Personally my mouth has just been terribly sore, but definitely not strong enough to use any of the harder prescriptions my surgeon gave me. 

I think the second day is definitely the worse. The first day passes by quickly enough (I slept pretty much the whole day), but the second day is when you experience some residual soreness that might necessitate ibuprofen.

Eat everything hard, solid, and crunchy that you could want the week before surgery.
Clearly I didn't think far ahead, but ever since I've been sitting on this couch all I can think about is eating through a bag of Tostitos. (A big no-no, in case you were wondering).  Since for at least 3-4 days post-surgery you won't be able to eat anything that requires much chewing, you'll need to stock up on anything you might crave.

Stock up on soft foods.
Apple sauce, yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, and ice cream.  These five foods will be the only staples of your diet for a couple days, so be sure to stock up your fridge with them.

Drink lots of fluids.
Swallowing is pretty weird for the first couple hours (same with eating), but the only sure way to a quick recovery would be to make sure you're still receiving nutrients.  Make sure you stay true to timed water consumption and attempt to eat yogurt and other soft foods.

Personally, my surgery went by without a hitch.  I had probably everything they could offer me anesthetically during the procedure, which means I was out like a light and woke up with no wisdom teeth and only very slight pain.  They gave me a small dose of Vicodin before the procedure, a bit of laughing gas immediately before the procedure, followed by an IV that knocked me out within the first 30 seconds of it's injection.

All in all, wisdom teeth removal is something that should not be stressed over.  The procedure itself is something that you honestly will have no recollection of, and the post-procedure really is more of an annoyance than anything truly painful. 

(Oh, and no worries. You'll inevitably look like a chipmunk for about 24 hours post-procedure. Embrace it.)

Do you have any questions for your own procedure? Or any advice for others if you've already had yours removed?


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