Saturday, October 18, 2014

Autumn Morning Walks

Autumn has finally arrived! And with the sudden presence of pumpkin-based everything and people breaking out their cozy clothing - it's no wonder it's my favorite season.

Since my classes this morning were cancelled (my teacher emailed us from DC around 4:30 in the morning), a couple of my friends and I decided to take a walk through the park nearby campus.

Needless to say our hike really got me in an autumnal spirit, and now I'm excited for everything that I associate with the season.

Hot Cocoa
Pumpkin Picking
Apple Pie
Raking Leaves
Wool Socks
Candles and Baths
Carving Jack-o-Lanterns
Scarves and Mittens
Pumpkin Spice Everything
Riding Boots and Puffer Vests
Going home for the Holidays

Out of everything wonderful about autumn, I have to say that the colors are my favorite.  Almost overnight everything is painted into hues of red and orange, and the result is always beautiful.

What do you love about Autumn?


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