Friday, September 12, 2014

A Little Shopping

Just last week, about a week before my classes started, I had the fortune of a full day off work. (Shocking, I know)

Now while the typical college student may find themselves using this time properly to, say, pack up their room for the oncoming year, I found myself on an impromptu trip to some outlets in Manchester, VT.

(Though, in my opinion, the outlets proved much more entertaining than packing my room ever could.)

Now the Manchester Outlets are absolutely adorable.  Essentially the entire town has dedicated itself to promoting these shops, so instead of a cluster of outlet stores you'll find little shops strewn throughout the streets of the town.

While it makes for a long walk between stores, it really enhances the beauty of the town.

Naturally, I found myself drawn to the Kate Spade Outlet.  They honestly have some of the cutest handbags, and on a cursory glance they had a sale for half off clearance... I was sold.

Quite literally, as I made one of my bigger purchases of the summer in buying this adorable tote bag. It is made of a stiff leather that provides the bag structure, and though the colors are rather light I think the neutral hues will make it a good transition bag into the cooler months.

I bought a couple other bits and bobs from Kate Spade (the sale was honestly too good to pass up!), mostly rings and jewelry, but all and all it was a beautiful day for an impromptu trip to Vermont.



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