Sunday, July 6, 2014

Turkish Living

Considering it has been over a month since the last time I blogged, I had the urge to document at least some portion of my life. (And I promise my silence has been spent filled with experiences that I will share completely when I return home.)

Because first thing's first: I am currently blogging from Turkey.

I know, I can hardly believe it either. 

When I return home I want to take the time to properly document each facet of this trip rather than throw together a quick post that wouldn't give proper justice to the experience. However I also felt the need to give a little explanation for my absence, so here is a little glimpse of my trip thus far.

A little peak at the international travel section of the Chicago airport. I thought the ceiling was just gorgeous as we were walking through.
 The group that I've been traveling with all had to meet up in Oklahoma, so after a couple days of introduction we found ourselves on a flight from the Oklahoma airport to Chicago to Heathrow and finally to Istanbul.  I honestly can't remember how long the flights were, but I definitely landed with quite a bit of jet-lag.

However any shred of tiredness was quickly remedied when I found myself exploring the streets of Istanbul the next day.

Just look at this breakfast they prepared for us! I was so full!
 Our group stayed at a little bed and breakfast while in Istanbul. Honestly if you find yourself visiting the city I would highly recommend staying at one, the hosts are always so kind - even though we only spent a couple days in the city I felt that the experience was a wonderful introduction to the next two months.

A little picture of the Blue Mosque located in Istanbul. 
Our group was given a little portion of the day to explore Istanbul on our own, so we took the time to walk around the Blue Mosque (we have plans to visit the Hajah Sofiah on our return to Istanbul at the end of the month).

It is an absolutely gorgeous work of architecture, I could have honestly spent the whole day just looking at the little details carved into the structure.  Unfortunately we only had the morning to explore, so we spent some time walking around and then left to explore the little markets spread along the street

Before we departed for Lesvos, Greece we spent a night in Aivalik.
After our stop in Istanbul we took a bus out to Canakkale (where we visited the ruins of Troy) and finally to Aivalik.  Originally Aivalik was supposed to be a brief stop on our way to the island of Lesvos, however the ferry was apparently not running on the day we arrived, so we were forced to stay in the city for a night. (Though honestly I think it turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip.)

The city of Aivalik was absolutely beautiful, the picture itself being only a small snapshot of the peninsula we spent the day touring. Once again our group stayed at a small bed and breakfast located just a block away from the coast, and the owners were wonderful people who gave us a proper tour of the island and cooked us a huge breakfast each morning. It was such a shame to leave, but there is still so much left to explore of this country.

Honestly a part of me is still questioning the reality of the situation, but this bout of travel was actually brought on through my acceptance into a research program.  (Which I will go into great detail on the experience as a whole when I return to the States.) The opportunity was simply too good to pass up, so I accepted the position and haven't once regretted my decision since.

Currently I am writing from my room in Bursa, where we have spent the last couple weeks dedicated to our research project.  Since research has been so involved I haven't had the chance to properly explore the city thus far, though that is a qualm I plan to remedy in the near future. (Most likely next weekend.)

But for now I will immerse myself in the wonderful food of Turkey. I'll try to keep periodic updates on the trip as a whole, though I promise a full post detailing my two month stay upon my return.


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