Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Just last week I finished all my final exams and made the five hour trek home with my parents, my entire college life packed into neat little trunks in the back of both our cars. (Though I'll admit, "little" and "neat" are relative terms.)

Does anyone else feel like all your belongings seem to multiply every year? I swear I did not come to school with half as much stuff as I left with.

(I wish I took a before and after picture of my room, it really was impressive how we managed to fit everything in just two cars.)

But let me just say, no matter how old I get I still love coming home.

Especially when I'm fed wonderful things like lobster rolls and this "death by chocolate" cupcake. We picked them up from the local grocery on our way to the house. So freaking good.

Does this make me a chocoholic?

I also just wanted to take the moment to apologize for my lack of posts as of late, I'm currently struggling to balance studying for the MCAT, preparing applications for medical school programs, and packing for an exciting trip I'll be making in two weeks (no worries, I plan to blog all about it).

Also, if anyones interested in my MCAT study tips and tricks just let me know, I feel like there are loads of tidbits you learn as you get closer to the test that could've been useful beforehand.


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