Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Just last week I finished all my final exams and made the five hour trek home with my parents, my entire college life packed into neat little trunks in the back of both our cars. (Though I'll admit, "little" and "neat" are relative terms.)

Does anyone else feel like all your belongings seem to multiply every year? I swear I did not come to school with half as much stuff as I left with.

(I wish I took a before and after picture of my room, it really was impressive how we managed to fit everything in just two cars.)

But let me just say, no matter how old I get I still love coming home.

Especially when I'm fed wonderful things like lobster rolls and this "death by chocolate" cupcake. We picked them up from the local grocery on our way to the house. So freaking good.

Does this make me a chocoholic?

I also just wanted to take the moment to apologize for my lack of posts as of late, I'm currently struggling to balance studying for the MCAT, preparing applications for medical school programs, and packing for an exciting trip I'll be making in two weeks (no worries, I plan to blog all about it).

Also, if anyones interested in my MCAT study tips and tricks just let me know, I feel like there are loads of tidbits you learn as you get closer to the test that could've been useful beforehand.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Loving: Real Techniques Brushes

As your typical student on a budget, my make-up brush collection had previously been limited to the typical 15 dollar "full set" of brushes.

But after having to remove about 5 bristles per cheek every morning, I figured it was time to splurge (i.e. 30 dollars) on a couple brushes with better quality. Or at least brushes that weren't prone to shedding.

I had heard pretty good reviews online for the Real Techniques brand for a while, and decided to test out a couple of their brushes for myself.

Sorry my brushes are slightly dirty, I just used them this morning..
Let me say this now, compared to what I had been using these brushes are a godsend.  They're all incredibly soft and are wonderful at building up coverage.

Real Techniques Powder Blush

This brush is unbelievably soft and has not shed once since I've purchased it.  I believe it's supposed to be used for powder foundation, however lately I've been pressing the end into a flat line and using it to apply bronzer (which goes on flawlessly, without any difficult build-up).

Real Techniques Blush Brush

This honestly took a bit of getting used to at first.  Beforehand I had used much smaller face brushes when it came to blush application. The end is a bit wider than I'm used to, which sometimes makes me feel like not all the product I put on it is making it to my face.

But I will say that if you haven't exactly mastered blush, this brush makes it very easy to gradually build up color on your cheeks. (I've also been using it for highlighter, which I think it does a fantastic job with.)

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I don't really understand the concept of a stippling brush. I mean, I have no clue what they're actually supposed to be used for, but I've been using it recently to apply my Tarte Cheek Stain and think it's fantastic for the job.

Personally, I think cheek stains are hard to apply because they are so concentrated.  Using the brush gives more control to help slowly build up color.

Also, a general word of advice from my own experience, I would avoid purchasing any comprehensive "starter" brush kits. While they give you a wide range of tools for a usually cheap price, they are simply not worth it because most will shed like crazy. (You will get what you pay for.)

Next on my list: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (I've heard rave reviews)

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