Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I Learned from Blair Waldorf

As your average student with very little free time, I've come to accept that when it comes to popular TV shows I will always be a couple years behind the trend.

However even though this topic has been beaten to death, I feel the need to address my love for a specific show that I finished last week: Gossip Girl.

Surprisingly I was able to make it to the very end without anyone revealing who Gossip Girl actually was, and I'll refrain from sharing for those of you that have yet to finish. (Though I definitely called it in Season 4...)

In my opinion the most notable part of the entire series was a single character, Blair Waldorf.  

I'm not going to lie, in the first couple episodes I didn't think she was anything more than a stereotypical spoiled popular girl. However as the show progressed she had pretty relevant problems (divorce, break-ups, college rejections, etc.) which made her more relatable.  Of course, in true Blair fashion, everything was done with a flair for drama and with the best style.

When you want something, don't stop for anyone or anything until you get it.
Blair knew what she wanted, whether it was her title as queen, the prince of Monaco, her own fashion line, or Chuck Bass. And while her fictional life resembles a fairy tale, the sentiment remains. You have the opportunity to make the most of your life, so when there's something that you want go for it. Take advantage of the opportunity you have in life, and do what you love because we do only live once.

Confidence is the difference between someone who's remembered and someone who's forgotten.
Plain and simple, who do you remember more: Blair or her group of high school followers? And what did it take for Blair to finally notice Nelly Yuki? Confidence. This was something Blair had in spades, and boy is it ever applicable in real life. Whether it's interviewing for a job or meeting new people at a party, confidence is something that distinguishes you from others. Confidence shows you believe in yourself, and when you believe in yourself others believe in you. It makes you memorable, which is always a good thing.

Always dress to impress.
Fashion. The underlying reason everyone was so addicted to this show. There is no way to avoid this when talking about Blair, she's a huge fashion icon. No matter the event she was always dressed to a "T", yet still managed to capture her own personal flair. Find your own personal style, stick to it, and never underdress. Because showing up to an event underdressed makes you appear uncaring.

Stay true to yourself.
No matter the circumstance Blair managed to maintain her personal outlook. She was a schemer by nature with a flair for the dramatic, and her friends (albeit sometimes grudgingly) still loved her all the same. Never try to be someone you're not because at the end of the day you're going to want people with you that appreciate the real you, not someone you're not.

Be willing to forgive, no matter the circumstances.
Whether it was sleeping with her boyfriend, disappearing for a summer, or leaking her diary to the world Blair always forgave Serena (though the time it took varied). She showed that no matter the circumstance it is possible to stem your anger and be the bigger person... because if you don't (as we've seen) it can and will go horribly, publicly wrong.

You're friends are friends for a reason, tell them everything and anything.
Nothing comes from keeping your problems or emotions to yourself, it's actually self-destructive. Blair was quick to share her experiences with Serena, who on many an occasion talked her down from something drastic. You chose your friends, hopefully because you truly trust them and value their input.  Take a page of Blair's book and share your thoughts, you'll be surprised at the help a third party can offer.

Shopping may just be the answer to everything.
Does this even need an explanation?

So tell me, what have you learned from Gossip Girl?

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