Monday, March 24, 2014

Obsessed: Buxom Full-On Lipstick

Now when the dark lip trend first came out sometime this past fall, my thought process went something along the lines of:

"That looks great but I could never pull off something that trendy"

Well. Never say never my friends because cue six months later...

Buxom Full-On Lipstick: Havana
This has to be one of the best lip products I've ever purchased.  It is incredibly smooth to apply, can definitely be used without a lip liner or gloss, and the color is very easy to build up. Plus, it tingles a little bit when you put it on (which I personally think feels a little weird, but sometimes I just pretend it magically makes my lips look bigger.)

The only fault I can give it is that, like any other dark lip product, it will fade over time.  When I wore this to my formal I had to pop it into my clutch because it would last for two and a half hours tops.

It is a little pricey for your average lipstick (about $19), however when comparing quality I think it's well worth the splurge.

Swatch on my hand (it comes off more pink than it actually is, it's a little redder in person). For those curious, I'm a cool-toned fair color (shade 114 in Maybelline foundation).

The color is definitely more of a magenta than red (it looks very pink in the picture but I promise it's a bit redder in person), however I found that with my skin tone this worked better than attempting a bright red on my first go at dark lips.

(Though I will admit that for my formal the color was a little too pink, which was easily remedied with a dark red lipgloss.)

For anyone else scared to immediately go for the deep reds, I would definitely give this product a test.

Needless to say I'll be giving this dark lip business another go, any suggestions for a good dark lipstick?



Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Break

Like I'm assuming any other student strapped for cash would, I had not expected to go anywhere extravagant this spring break.  In fact, I had dedicated myself to a lovely week holed up under bundles of covers with a never-ending cup of hot cocoa and an ever-growing list of "must watch" Netflix films.

That was, in fact, how I've spent the last two spring breaks of my college career.

(Because let's be honest nothing beats a warm bed and a long nap.)

But a couple weeks before my approaching vacation time my dad offered me an opportunity to visit my Grandmother at her home in Florida... and that chance is not simply something you pass up.

So I said goodbye to the snowy hills of New England and prepared myself for a week in the warm sunshine with my family.

I was the only grandchild who had yet to visit her apartment in St. Petersburg, and boy was I sorry when I finally made it - both from missing her company and having been deprived the chance to gawk over her view.

The view from the boardwalk along her complex, honestly the best thing to wake up and jog to (not to mention the dolphins that would come swimming around the morning).
My poor attempt at an artsy photo of my Grandma's living complex
A couple days into the vacation we all decided to head down to a nearby beach, and I have to say that I instantly fell in love with the color of the water (honestly, have you ever seen anything that teal?).

Though I can't say I fell in love with the Floridian sun... you lose track of time reading just a couple articles in Scientific American and all of a sudden you're burnt to a crisp! Let's just say anything with aloe was my best friend for a very long time.

No matter, I'd take being fried over frozen any day.

What had definitely took the cake - and managed to help strike something off my bucket list - was the trip we all took to Epcot.

I would like to take this moment to say that nowhere does detail better than Disney.

Seriously. I'm curious as to how many people it takes to keep the place looking so beautiful, because I would like to hire them - obviously when I'm older, have starred in a million movies, and have a backyard the size of a football field.
(I kid, you should have seen my pitiful performance as "the pig who did a jig" in my first grade play.)

Other than waiting for 2 hours for Soarin' (which I find ridiculous but hey, what Grandma wants Grandma gets), the park was relatively easy to walk through and an exciting trip back into my own childhood.

Oh, and the food. Yum. 

If you love sweets France will be the best place you'll visit all night, their pastries were to die for! Though rather than bore you with endless chatter on the many conquests my stomach made that day, I'll cut the food accolades short. I'd recommend to try and figure out what you're going to want to taste before traveling around the miniature world - otherwise you'll find yourself overstuffed and penniless by the end of the day (a lesson learned from experience my friends).

The Best Epcot Rides (in my not-so-professional opinion):
Mission: Space
    Not only is it one of my absolute favorite rides because of the intense imitation of a rocket launch, but this ride will almost always will have one of the shortest lines in the park. Couldn't imagine why.
   I honestly cannot remember what the actual name of the ride is, but this will make my list every time. It's a ride that's pretty much meant for children, but has a special place in my heart. It's all about imagination - what more could a dreamer ask for?
Test Track
   This made it onto the list kind of out of a sense of obligation.  Don't get me wrong, my heart still races every time you come practically flying out of the building on the last stretch.  But the ride has changed since the last time I was on it, it feels shorter and there aren't as many surprise turns and obstacles.
Fun Fact: If you do decide to ride test track - I recommend using the "single riders" line unless you're with kids. The wait is cut by at least an hour and half the time you still end up in a car with whoever you came with anyways.

Though I'm returning to school resembling more of a lobster than a sun-kissed goddess, I must say that sometimes spending time with your family on vacation is the perfect formula for a happy spring break.

So I'm not entirely sure what this was besides a hodge podge of pointless ramblings on how I spent my spring break, but I hope it at the very least entertained some of you.


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